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Welcome to the official Musician Portfolio of Lilith - singer songwriter. Lilith's music is both haunting and up lifting. Her rich voice and poetic style has been described as folk indie , but in reality transcends many genres.


Lilith is a singer songwriter based in London UK. She started writing songs at the age of 11 .  She joined the artist development program at charthouse music in london. Other artists who have recorded at charthouse include Sam Smith and Pixie Lott. Working with Laurence Hobbs and Gregor McWilliam Lilith has recorded 6 original songs.

AUDIO WITH ASH review Deep Waters

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Lilith’s latest single ‘Deep Water’ is a folk-infused ballad that is much more than any ballad before. With Lilith’s undeniable star power and beautifully poetic writing style, ‘Deep Water’ is more of an ode to love (from Lilith herself) in a track that should not be missed or be passed on.

As she laments about love and relationships amongst the backdrop of ‘city lights and fast cars’. It is really here that we begin to witness Lilith’s own capabilities as a haunting folk singer with a beautiful raspiness to her voice. For a young artist (such as Lilith), ‘Deep Water’ is beautifully raw and atmospheric.

With an interesting arrangement and subtle background noises, ‘Deep Water’ lets one immerse themselves in Lilith’s own vocals, whilst keeping them on their toes as she guides one through a narrative filled with excitement, love, loyalty and more. It is Lilith’s own storybook unfolding, with perfect execution and sheer potential.

Rating: *****


London, UK


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